Now Block Unwanted Callers with Ufone UBlock


Now a customer can lock and unlock any unwanted caller as they wish with UBlock. Ufone call blocking service gives you the freedom to bolt anyone who can disturb you anytime. UBlock givers you control over who calls and texts.

Both Prepaid and PostPay customers can enjoy using UBlock service. A customer can build Blacklist of Twenty On-Net and Off Nets numbers. While unsubscribing the service, a list will remove automatically. On adding more numbers you must have to remove the existing number before adding a new one into the blacklist.

U-Block service will be unavailable during festive events such as EID and National events.

Subscribe UBlock

To Activate the service just Dial *420#, add the number to the list one by one.

To Deactivate just Dial *420#, and the list will remove.


Prepaid Charges: Rs. 4.48 / week

Postpay Charges: Rs. 15.00 (UBlock monthly rental charges)


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