Norway: Half of new cars Electric and Hybridn registered in Norway in 2017.


According to the Norway said, half of the new Electric and Hybrids cars registered in Norway in 2017. Norway is world’s ecologically progressive country.

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The new registration in January, 17.6 % electric cars registered in January, and 33.8 percent hybrid cars registered in January 2017 in Norway total of the cars are 51.4 percent in Norway. It shows that half of new cars are Electric and Norway cars registered in the country.

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Norway country also has the highest rank in electric cars. Vidar Helgesen Environment Minister said that,

This is a milestone on Norway’s road to an electric car fleet, And it serves to showcase that green transport policies work.

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According to the February report, this ratio fell down, report shows that 15.8 percent electric cars and 32 percents hybrid cars registered in Norway in February 2017. Norway is biggest oil producer in Western Europe.

Vidar Helgesen also added that,


The transport sector is the biggest challenge for climate policy in the decade ahead. We need to reduce (CO2) emissions by at least 40 per cent by 2030 and … this requires the electrification of the car fleet.

source: The Independent

The government banned last year on new gasoline and diesel-powered cars starting in 2025. Hybrid cars are the most growing cars in the market. Electric cars can face the tough competition with hybrid cars. Electric cars are have combine combuston engines and electric motors in their cars .

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