Nokia comes out with a simple yet useful phone “Nokia 150”


With Nokia’s blockbusting android phone release, more and more people are getting interested in the top of the line specs e.g camera, RAM and ROM but what about the people who just want simplicity?. Dont worry about that because Nokia just came out with its simple yet quite featurefull phone.

The Nokia 150

The Nokia 150 is a dual sim phone just released by Nokia for the simple loving users but it is quite good for being simple because of its efficency and that is the exact reason why people like simple smartphones, because of its simplicity.


The phone polycarbonate shell which makes it almost prone to scratches and even if it mistakenly fells from your hand it wont even matter along with this it has an amazing battery timing of  up to 22 hours talktime and a 2.4″ screen.


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The dual sim capability lets you manage two sims at the same time but with it, it also has a VGA camra which lets you capture all the important moments, it also has bluetooth capabilities which lets you transfer the simple stuff along with a flashlight which comes handy in the dark as well as while taking photos, but this is not it! it also has a built in FM radio and MP3 player, so you can listen to your favourite music on the go!

Price: currently according to GSM arena the price of the phone is $36 or Rs3600

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