Everything You Need To Know About The Nintendo Switch: Release-date, Specs and More


Nintendo just recently announced its new product ” The Nintendo Switch” which is more like a PSP but Nintendo prefers to call it a ” Console “. The great announcement was made in the live presentation by Nintendo Japan and will be released on the 3rd of March.Even though the stream is over you can still watch it below:


The ” Console ” will be somewhat similar to the gaming tablets that are already out but with some minor tweaks and keep in mind Nintendo never disappoints!

Specifications And Pricing

The Design of the ” Console ” is quite similar to one of a tablet but with some major and minor changes. The screen will be of 6.2 inches, obviously multi-touch with a great resolution of 1280 x 720 display, There will be 32 gigs of internal memory which is expandable up to unknown limits , Nintendo claims that the battery will give up to ^ hours of game play but will vary on the intensity of the game, Traditional game cards will be used to play new games and everything else like the audio jack and brightness sensors will be the same.

One major change will be of the slide able joysticks which Is the main highlight of the Console. 


Via: Nintendo.com

The removable joystick can be used to play while on the go or to be used just like a normal controller Depending on the gaming situations you can even give one-half of the controller to another friend.

Watch the Full Review given down below:

The Console can be purchased online by using their Official website Nintendo.com and comes in two versions, Both costing $299.99 MSRP*

Via : Nintendo.com
via: Nintendo.com






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