The Next Generation Mobile Service 5G Spectrum auction will hold in 2021.

The Next Generation Mobile Service(NGMS), the mobile service of (3G/4G) spectrum auction planned in May 2017. After the 3G/4G auction, Pakistan to hold 5G spectrum auction in 2021.

According to the state Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunication, Anusha Said that they will hold an auction of 5G spectrum in 2021. She further added that the auction of 3G/4G spectrum auction in May 2017, after the auction there is no auction till 2021.

Anusha Rehman stated that,

There is the huge demand for spectrum and government would achieve its auction targets in the current financial year.

She also mentioned that the spectrum auction can not hold before 2021 in the country because in 2018 general election in the country and have no time for a spectrum auction in the country. According to the other telecom network companies, Telenor and Zong will renew its licenses in 2019. They also required huge investment for the review of licenses.

Telenor and Zong network company will not be able for the next auction in 2021 because they investing a huge amount in a renewal of license in 2019. After the current auction, the next auction will be held in 2021.

According to the 2014 auction, the government auctioned 2 spectra within 3 years in the country. Anusha Rehman hinted that next auction of 5G spectrum in 2021. According to the Independent said that Minister just trying to gain some traction.


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