New Technology of Smartphone ‘Self-Destruct’ developed by Researchers in Saudi Arabia


Finally, the new technology of smartphone ‘Self-Destruct’ developed by researchers at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). Smartphone or Laptops will automatically destroy when stolen.

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Nowadays, phone-snatching is a bigger problem for those who have the expensive mobile phones. Phone-snatchers are everywhere in the world. But now the researchers develop the new technology and they will launch soon.

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According to the researchers, this technology will defence against the phone snatchers and project from your data installed in the mobile phone. The new technology will installed in new modern devices. This technology will be provided for those who want data protection and it will work perfectly for those who want extra security for smartphones/laptops.

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This technology developed by researchers, they added that the heat comes from the smartphone or laptop’s battery. This technology produces energy to heat and the heat comes with 500 to 600 milliwatts. It will destroy your mobile phone or laptop.

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Self-Destruct is a remotely triggered technology when your mobile phone snatched, you can destroy with using GPS. It will destroy silicon chips up to 90 micrometres. The developers made heater electrodes, that will activate the polymer in your device. This technology will equip in non-removable battery mobile phones.

source: Technicollit

The new technology of destroying smartphone devices, its cost around $15 each self-destruct. Now people can project their device from snatchers and protect all the data.

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