Here are the new features of YouTube’s Video Sharing and Messaging


Here are the new features of YouTube’s Video Sharing and Messaging:

This article is about the YouTube new features. As we all know that YouTube is such a big platform for the video, movies and also for the music. Developers of YouTube added some new features in this application, now you guys can share the latest private videos “Shared Tab” but now these features are available in few regions like Canada and in America so if you guys belong to these regions so you can use these features from your iOS and Android phones.

YouTube Application:

This shared tab feature is placed on the bottom of YouTube application. This feature allows you to like, comment single or multiple videos as well as you can share these threads to your contact single or multiple users at same time. Youtube makes the sharing process more easy for its users now you can share videos with your friends and family members directly on youtube as well as you can receive videos from your contacts and also like and comments on these videos in your YouTube application.

Developers of YouTube announced that we will work on some more features on YouTube which will be implemented as soon on this YouTube application.

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