Netflix has introduced its download feature to android


Netflix nowadays has become the go-to app for watching seasons, movies and etc but in order to stream you need an internet connection but what about when you have no connection or your data in running out? to conquer this problem Netflix came out with its offline downloading feature but only on IOS devices.

Now Netflix has released the feature on Android as well enabling Android users to easily download Whole episodes and movies for watching later.

How To Do It?

Well, its really simple, all you need to do is to go into your preferred Netflix season or Movie and click on the download arrow next to it. Once it is downloads the arrow will change into a mobile icon telling you that the movie or episode is now downloaded.


When the episode or movie gets downloaded it is displayed under its respective name and not in a jumbled up form to add to the formality of the app. Tapping on the edit icon on the Top right Corner will allow you to delete the movies or the episodes that you have downloaded.


The movies or episodes can be downloaded using your WIFI as well as your personal Mobile data providing that you have enough data but beware the Movies or episodes on Netflix are of high quality which takes more space and each and every title is not available to download only selected ones are available for now.


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Sufyan Khan


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