In the spring of 2019, a local animal shelter in Atlanta, Georgia, took in a poor black dog named Holden. He almost passed out from starving and seemed to have no chance of surviving, but later, he could be happy again thanks to kindness and love. Let’s read the whole moving story of this miserable yet adorable furry angel!

When the police shut down a drug raid at a residence, they found a weak, dirty dog there, so they seized and brought him to the local animal shelter. Unfortunately, the place was already out of rooms, and no space was available for him. Carers wrapped him in a blanket and put him in the intake area while other staff called for help.

Holden was scared and shaky. He weighed only 25 pounds, about 15 pounds less than a regular individual of his breed. Whenever he saw food or a bowl, he tried to reach for it. Holden was so hungry and defeated. As if all of that weren’t traumatizing enough for the poor little guy, a large tumor was found in his abdomen via the X-ray film. The veterinarian estimated it was about seven pounds and prevented the dog from consuming nutrition.

Heartwarmingly and surprisingly, despite being in limbo, malnourished, and sick, Holden appeared happy and wagged his tail joyfully right after getting bandaged and fawned by a nurse. Not only that, he reacted enthusiastically to every voice that sounded gentle and kind to him. He treasured even the slightest affecting gestures.

The vet quickly operated on and removed the tumor from Holden’s body. The procedure went well, and he woke up from the operation. Even though he still endured anesthetic effects and couldn’t lift his head yet, his tail responded instantly to the sound of a kind voice. In addition, he was always a good and delightful boy during the treatment.

Next, it was time to settle a new life for Holden. He was taken care of by Releash Atlanta, a non-profit volunteer charitable organization that works tirelessly to save dogs from high-kill shelters throughout the state of Georgia. Holden felt sorrowful for saying goodbye to people at the vet and sat sadly in the back of Ashley’s car when she voluntarily picked him up. Thus, she cheered him up by hugging and snapping with him.

Afterward, Melissa Lentz, a seasoned foster mom for scared little dogs, gave Holden a temporary roof and helped with his recovery. He soon made friends with Lentz’s daughter and nine other pups living at her foster house. Lentz revealed Holden was never a choosing eater. He always had a good appetite, which helped him make big progress. Besides, some good news came back from the vet office: The preliminary tests on Holden’s tumor showed it was probably benign.

After getting the biopsy result and doing several dental and neutering fixing-ups, Lentz found Holden a happy, loving family. If you think it was a good ending for his tragic story and a new start to a gleeful life for him, hit the like-share button and leave your comment in the box below! In case you like to read more touching tales like this, don’t hesitate to check out pieces on our page!