National Bank Of Pakistan(NBP) achieve the highest performance in its History.


According to 2016 report, National Bank for Pakistan revealed last year report, the bank achieved the highest performance in its history. The meeting held at NBP head office Karachi.

National Bank of Pakistan, in 2016 they amounted Rs 22.8 billion and 18% increased as compared to 2015 profit. In 2015, they amounted 19.2 billion in 2015. They announced it report of the year ended December 31, 2016. They posted all the detail about profit. The earning of per share is 10.69 and the rate was in 2015 is 9.03 per share.

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The Analyst at Topline stated,

NBP reported a higher than expected earnings during fourth quarter 2016 mainly on the back of provision reversals of Rs 2.2 billion in 4Q2016 and higher than anticipated capital gains of Rs 2.6 billion

They also added that before 2016 they did not achieve the highest ratio. In 2016 they achieved the highest ratio of profit. NBP get highest performance in financial performance and financial position of the bank last year.

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The National Bank Of Pakistan recorded 3.9 billion and 12 percent before the tax it amounted Rs 37.1 billion in 2016, 31.5 percent before the tax and 19.3 percent after the tax calculated.  The healthy balance sheet also growth reaching 1,975 billion in 2016 recorded. As compared to 2015 1,706 billion in 2015.

In 2016, gross advances increased Rs 692 billion to Rs 782 billion recorded in 2016. It also means that bank 16 percent increased in its deposit. As compared to HBL and MCB, they contrast to NII growth HBL(O%), and MCB(-19%) and UBL(-5%) recorded. According to the analyst said, the higher expected NII is advance growth and volumetrci deposit.

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