National bank of Pakistan agree to install it ATM machines on Pakistan Railway stations and


National Bank of Pakistan agreed to install Auto Teller Machine (ATM) machines at Pakistan Railway stations.

The National Bank of Pakistan agreed to install ATM machines in Pakistan railway stations and in Express Trains. The Pakistan Railways plans to corporate with National Bank of Pakistan for installing ATM machines at stations and in Express Trains. National Bank is working as a commercial bank in Pakistan. It’s Headquarters at Karachi, Pakistan.

Another meeting will decide the place between Pakistan Railways and NBP. The next meeting will be held on may be the third week of April 2017. National Bank is always playing the leading role in boarding projects by federal ministries.

They will also decide the development area. According to the reports, the first plan is National Bank of Pakistan will install the ATM machines in Express trains. The National Bank want to improve their services. This project will provide the best facility to its customers.

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