NADRA will be charged 31,500 for cancellation of National Identity Card.


National Database and Registration Authority(NADRA) will be charged for the national identity card fee, previously they charged 10,000 on the National Identity Card. But now they announced the new charge price on an Identity card. NADRA charged 15,000 for National Identity card and they will be charged 31,500 on Pakistan Origin Card (POC)

This notice issued on Tuesday by the Chief Justice Col. Muhammad Sagir. NADRA justified the fee of idenity card or cancellation of the Pakistan Origin Card (POC). They also claimed on price that the new Chip-based National Identity Card because of its unique features.

source: Today’s Pak

After the bad response from the public, NADRA submitted a report about the increasing fees of Identity card. Nadra said that,

There are two options for all the citizens of Pakistani who have surrendered their nationality or carry dual citizenship. Either they can get a POC/NICOP or apply for a visa. The former is cheaper.

They also added that, new National Identity Card (Cip-based) have many features, they also quipped with 36 secutirt features. It will be indentity all the citizens quickly with the help of Chip. NADRA issued identity card for 10 years. After 10 years the Identity Card will be expired. The material of Identity card is durable. They also further added that the card holders visa-free enter in Pakistan but after the seven the card will be expired.

NADRA also launched its website in 2015, people can assume the time from this opportuinity and apply for the identity card through website. People can apply without visit NADRA office just simply fill the form and apply from website.

Previous, the card process is most lenghty but now you can apply easily and get Identity Card in just 7 too 10 days. 230,000 successfull applications also mentioned in the report.

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