Muhammad Ali school boy – 16 years old boy rejected £5 Million offer from US investor.


Muhammad Ali, School boy from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire and only 16 years old. He rejected £5 million from American investor for his Website. School boy unveil money-saving Website with his partner Chris Thorpe.

Muhammad Ali, already earn £40,000 from his own creating video game and Financial application.

School boy said, They met the investor in London at Global Data Driven Company, than they did not realise i created technology. In decemeber, after the christmas he rejected his offer.

The reason of rejected offer

They rejected because he thought the concept of technology worth millions already and think how it will be worth. Muhammad ali said, This is a big risk for him. But he create his own household name, and also make something for himself. He said, its a real time money, and there are no competitors what we are doing.

Muhammad ali developed it is provides real time quotes. This site is designed for buyer and seller products items. This site launched on 28 january 2017 and he hope that all the youngsters involved in business world.

School boy said, he is resposibly with his money. He is studying Law, Geography. in 2006, Muhammad Ali created video game which is costly 5 pounds monthly and he earned 30,000 millions pound.

The teenager lives with parents and siblings. He insterested in computer technologies, working at home Day and Night. He also want to inspire other young peoples.



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