Motorcycle sales have boomed in the last 7 Months


Motorcycles have become the go to vehicle for transport these days because of its cheap price, low fuel consumption as well as the ability to wizzz past traffic even in traffic jams.

If you have recently bought a motorcycle in Pakistan you are one of the thousands of people who have done so! because according to reports, motorcycle sales have boomed in the last 7 months and have totalled to around Rs. 40 Million and this may be the reason that Middle class families have come to A rise.

Motorcycle Sales Statistics

According to reports, Motorcycle sales are currently standing at around 940,000 Pieces when compared to Last years report of only 770,000 which is quite a change!

In terms of Percentage the sales have gotten around 21% increase in the periods od July 2016 to January 2017.

The leading motorcycle company is currently Atlas Honda and the total amount of motorcycles produced in 2016 are around 2 Million pieces.

Here are the total statistics of motorcycles being created :

Atlas Honda, 810,539 units, Road Prince, 166,836 units, United Motorcycle, 262,774 units, Super Power, 94,358 units, Unique, 148,818 units, Super Star, 95,698 units, Power, 62,560 units, Suzuki, 16,832 units, HI Speed, 56,287 units, Yamaha, 20,100 units.


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Sufyan Khan


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