Monday It’s Show Time “Apple’s Streaming Service”


“It’s Show Time”, Apple keynote is a kind of clear message to the world that there is more entertainment coming into your life. However, Apple has been working to bring some quality fun stuff with Apple Music and Apple TV. This means that “Apple’s Streaming Service” is somehow modified form Apple Music and Apple TV.

Apple’s Streaming Service ” It’s show time”

Yeah, the news came last year that Apple released $1 Billion to start Streaming service of its own. As we know Apple can take streaming services to the next level, that’s from where Wait began.

They started hiring some serious talent in the television industry. Some of those guys who build shows on there own. In the meantime, Apple started developing some shows like; they restarted famous Steven Spielberg’s anthology show Amazing Stories and Isaac Asimov’s classic science fiction novel, Foundation. Apple signed some popular names, like JJ Abrams, Oprah Winfrey for multi-year partnership. And Apple hired many TV executives From Sony Pictures, Universal Studio and Channel 4.

Apple is trying hard to a establish solid platform before the launch of streaming service, for they offered HBO, ShowTime, and Stars to bring up their quality content as well to their upcoming service.

Competition For It’s Show Time

Apple is jumping into a huge competition pool, as we know they released initially $1 Billion to get started. But they had to understand that they are spending 14 times lesser amount to a huge rival i.e. Netflix this year. NetFlix is way ahead in the game, they are reaching 2 Billion subscribers and the budget assigned to this year is $14 Billion. Where most of the money will be spent to bring original content. So clearly they are well ahead, no easy to survive in such competition.

Original Content vs Price Plan

Apple can break the streak of NetFlix, Disney (etc) by giving a good Price Plan. But keeping mind a rule Original Content is direct proportion to High Prices. Give good material to watch, people will definitely pay. Which is what NetFlix is cashing right now, they are airing fresh content and people are paying them happily.

But Netflix price hikes in the United State shown in a survey that, 11% of users are eager to cancel their membership if Apple throws original quality content in fair pricing. Netflix raises fees every two years is now showing some kinda negative trend in viewers. But one thing, if they justify the price increase by bringing good entertainment than it is accepted.

Service Availability

Apple marketing can play a key role in making Apple Streaming Service on the top. They should make Streaming Service available for almost every platform (Android, Ruko, Fire TV etc). If Apple wants to be successful, its service should be playable on beyond its own devices.

On Monday, March 25th, Apple is giving a full view of Apple Streaming service. Surely they are going to announce the name of the services. People are expecting something different from Apple. So together wait till Monday. Thanks for reading.





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