Mobile Browser ‘UC Web’ signed famous Cricketer Shahid Afridi as a Brand Ambassador.


Mobile Browser ‘ UC Web’ signed Shahid Afridi as a brand Ambassador for Pakistan Super League 2017.

UC browser is a mobile browser, UC Web owned by Alibaba group. The UC browser developed by Chinese mobile internet company. Chinese company started its marketing in Pakistan by TV Commercials. In this commercial, they depicted fast speed of the browser.

source: News4C

UC Browser is faster than other mobile internet browsers and had no issues in downloading and buffering videos. Pakistan mobile internet users can face many issues in browsers during to usage of internet.

Now UC Browser can show live scores of cricket and latest videos of PSL in that mobile internet application. They do not only show cricket score, UC Browser also shows all the latest information about the sport.

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GM at Alibaba Mobile Business Group, Kenny Ye said, Shahid Afridi is the most famous personality in Cricket field. He is loved by millions of cricket fans. Kenny Ye, also stated that,

Shahid Afridi is loved by millions of cricket fans because of his skills.  UC Browser is the fastest mobile browser which is similar to the “Boom Boom” factor that Afridi’s skills have known to showcase. we hope to enhance the browsing experience during cricket season with the in-app widget of UC Browser, UC Cricket, which provides millions of Pakistani cricket fans with complete and up-to-date information including live scores, news, photos, videos, live tweets, commentaries, etc.

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