iPhone users are complaining about missing iPhone 7 headphone jack


The iPhone 7 was released a couple of months prior, we haven’t possessed the capacity to get a total handle on how mainstream the gadget was until Apple’s 2016 occasion income report dropped not long ago.

Keep in mind, when Apple last released its income report, the iPhone 7 had just been accessible to buy for around two weeks amid the secured period. And after that, there were the jokes. Some joyously watched that Apple was so dispossessed of thoughts that it was beginning to “develop backward” by evacuating valuable elements that clients adored.

Combined with an interminable joke originating from Phil Schiller calling Apple’s iPhone 7 plan “valiant”, the iPhone 7 should introduce yet another quarter of declining iPhone deals.

It might all appear like old history now, yet Apple’s choice to evacuate the dependable 3.5mm earphone jack was met with boundless criticism this past September. Many rushed to portray Apple’s outline decision as presumptuous and confirmation positive that the organization was withdrawn from its steadily developing client base.

Others, then, took the solid position that Apple was committing a tremendous error and that iPhone 7 deals would encounter a noteworthy plunge. Apple played the iPhone 7 launch just perfectly. By deciding to ship a free lighting to 3.5mm adapter inside of every iPhone.

All in all, the main iPhone 7 narrative this past early quarter had nothing to do with a missing headphone jack, but more to do with the fact that iPhone users were more than willing to pay a premium in order to get their hands on Apple’s advanced dual camera system.

CEO of apple said that the iPhone 7 Plus is the most popular Plus model Apple has ever released and he also said that swelling demand for the iPhone 7 Plus, even caught Apple off-guard, with the company unable to reach a supply/demand balance until last month.

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