Microsoft Skype: Older versions of Skype are going to stop working in Windows and Mac on March.


According to the Microsoft Skype, old versions of Skype are going to stop working in windows and Mac from 1 March 2017.

Skype wants their users can use best skype. Skype users can use install 7.16 skype version and 7.0 to 7.18 version will not able to sign in from 1st march 2017. According to the Sskype they said,

At Skype, we’re committed to creating the best possible app experience for our users. This is why we’ve been focusing our efforts on transitioning Skype from peer-to-peer to a modern, mobile-friendly cloud architecture.

source: YouTube

Here’s the new features list include in skype.

  • Mobile group video calling
  • Group video messaging
  • Video message saving
  • Cloud file sharing (up to 300 MB)
  • Redesigned infrastructure, meaning a better, more consistent user experience
  • Built to be faster, more lightweight and more responsive than ever

Now skype users can install new version of skype to connect with their friends and family. In this version the perivacy is high and you can secure password, contacts and conversations. Basically skype is online video calling system through internet. Skype improve his features it has been introducing new version of skype. Skype intorduced group video calls and voice translation last year.

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