Meitu is One of the Best Picture Editing Application – 700 Million Users Active in Meitu


Hu Dongyuan and his friends pull out her mobile phones and take selfies just like other millions of women do daily, she takes a selfie and edited their face beauty and upload on social media. Meitu now the top selfie editing application in China. 450 million of Chinese users can use this application in the country. They are also challenge to Instagram and Snapchat for such an advanced features.

source: NDTV Gadgets

Meitu means ‘Pretty Picture’. China also leading the world, 700 million of mobile and internet users are there in China. Hu Dongyuan said that,

It’s the same as with clothing and makeup. They are all ways for people to better present themselves. Everyone uses it as a kind of personal advertisement.

 This application launched in Hong kong IPO in December, the company at the time valued $4,6 billion. It is also the Hong Kon’s largest tech IPO. This application for selfie-editing peoples. Yu also added that nowadays people turn into modern society. Camera 360 and Poco also the best editors for selfie pictures. They are domestic competitors of menu and have many features in their application.
This software allow making picture beauty and modification with the help of many featured. They are provided photo-editing software. In 2013, they launched its selfie editing application in 2013. China-Russian, Japan, Malaysia, India also used this selfie editing application.
Chinese companies Tencent and Alibaba has also struggled for growing the company. But Meitu app had 430 million users can active in last year. Instagram claimed that its around 500 million users active there. Meitu lost last year 2.2 billion yuan it’s around $320 million.
According to the Willaim Chou said that,

Mitu has really appealed to the beauty concept of China’s post-95s. Photo-sharing is a global phenomenon but China has climbed to the top of the world in this.

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