Meezan Bank launch PayPAk Debit Card with 1LINK(Gurantee) Limited.


Meezan Bank joined with 1Link(Guarantee) Limited, they launch the PaupPak Debit Cards in Pakistan.

Meezan Bank is the largest and first Islamic Bank in Pakistan. Bank issue PayPak debit cards in Pakistan with 1Link(Gurantee) Limited. 1Link(Guarantee) Limited is a registered company in Pakistan and Mr.Mohammad Najeeb Agrawalla is the CEO of the company, they started in April 2003.

CEO of 1LINK(Guarantee) Limited Mr Najeeb Agrawalla stated that,

We welcome Meezan Bank’s initiative for the issuance of PayPak which is aimed at supporting the underserved and unbanked population of the country through efficient and cost-effective payment solutions.

PayPak provides the best services in international payment scheme. PayPak is the first Domestic Payment scheme in Pakistan. According to the other banks in Pakistan including, Allied Bank, Bank Alfalah and Askari Bank also launched the same payment network in Pakistan.

PayPak will provide the best and cost-effective services in Pakistan. They will improve their services in the whole country. The CEO of 1Link Company said that they welcomed Meezan Bank for the issuance of PayPak Debit Cards and improve financial services in Pakistan.

During the meeting, Mr. Ariful Islam – Deputy CEO of Meezan Bank stated that,

 The launch of PayPak Payment Scheme is an excellent initiative and will Inshallah develop the payment industry in Pakistan. It will help in increasing the usage of plastic money as well as broaden access to financial services in Pakistan. Meezan Bank is glad to adopt the new payment scheme that will transfer benefits to every citizen of Pakistan.


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