Nigel the ‘Coendou’ might be the cutest animal somebody has probably never seen. This little guy is full of surprises and just attacked numerous TikTokers with his overloading cuteness. Guess what? More than ten thousand hearts have fallen in front of his doors. Above all, we think this cuteness is absolutely for you.

Nigel is one of Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium‘s most unusual species, a coendou, which falls under the porcupine family. They’re sometimes called prehensile-tailed porcupines because of their unspined tail’s ability to grasp objects. Wow, this little friend is as cool as a spiky cucumber.

His sharp quills might be a defense against predators and make you think you can get hurt by them, but his nose is irresistible. Who wouldn’t love to touch his boop-able marshmallow-like nose? Nigel’s buck teeth and grabby little fingers are favored by netizens too. Besides, every move of this out-of-the-world beautiful creature is purely heart-melting.

Nigel had his 10th birthday in July 2022. He received treat and ear-softly-scratching and was filmed by zookeeper Adrienne. The video has reached 620.5 thousand views with 36 thousand heart icons. His expression was priceless and made people think of a cactus puppy. This coendou also grabs food and snack as a person does.

Even though quills are everywhere in Nigel’s body, his charm evokes the desire to hold and pet him of everybody watching him. Naturally, he just knows how to dominate hearts. On the one hand, he loves to be fondled so much that he drops his snack while being caressed. On the other hand, he seems to be quiet and not fond of a crowd.

You might wonder what Nigel’s favorite snack is. Well, he likes leaves, shoots, fruits, bark, roots, and buds. Coendou is herbivorous and often lives in America. Nigel doesn’t make a lot of noise. Sometimes, he communicates in a child-like voice. Moreover, it’s lucky that he never has to straighten up his sharp, tough hair toward any creatures.

Nigel is such a lovely angel. Despise his quills, Adrienne pets him, and both of them enjoy it. If you adore Nigel and plan to have a hedgehog, we hope you will give that baby lots of affection. Please like and share this article with your animal-loving friends, comment in the box below, and check out more posts on our page!