American Dipper is North America’s only truly aquatic songbird. They live along white water streams and rivers in the western United States. Their range also stretches north through western Canada and most of Alaska.

They eat insects and their larvae, fish eggs, and small fish. Therefore, they are almost always seen walking underneath the water to search for food. They flit among midstream rocks and logs, rhythmically bobbing their tails. Sometimes, they can dive up to six meters and walk along river bottoms in search of food.

To adapt to an aquatic lifestyle and thrive in these extreme conditions, dippers have waterproof feathers, nasal flaps, and extra eyelids, called nictitating membranes, to help them swim and see underwater. They also have a low metabolic rate, extra oxygen-carrying capacity in their blood.

A photographer named Deirdre Denali recently captured some pics of the mighty and unique little friends dipping, diving, and dancing. She hoped that after viewing these photos, you’ll also fall in love with these special birds. Scroll down to enjoy!

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