MasterCard and NADRA Together to Activate ID Cards with E-Payments


The Collaboration between National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) and Mastercard was held in order to activate national identity cards with electronic payments functionality.

This agreement was done during a meeting of World Economic Forum (WEF) along with MasterCard’s participation.

After optimization, citizens will get a 13 digit identification number to allow them for financial transactions and to receive disbursements. Citizens also get a chance to use CNICs to receive and send international and domestic remittances. Through having this facility the citizens will not have to visit bank but can do online transactions.

Moreover, MasterCard will follow next-generation payment technologies to carry out online payments of Pakistani citizens for issuance of passport, CNIC etc by NADRA. Aurangzaib Khan, MasterCard’s country manager Pakistan and Afghanistan, told:

“The new service will make international remittances more convenient both for the sender and beneficiary, and this is significant since Pakistan is one of the top receivers of remittances from abroad. Combining the National ID card with payment features will transform it into a powerful, multi-purpose channel for citizens to carry out financial transactions, and will facilitate faster and more efficient delivery of vital government services.”


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