Marvel Heroes have no more existence, the developers are not working on the new design of the game


Who among you, wasn’t excited about the ‘Marvel Heroes’? Yeah, I know we had bad times at digesting the news that it’s not coming, but hey, did you notice why did it happen? The project Marvel Heroes was a long-term project was being worked upon for quite a long time now and was delivering the content which people wanted to see. But what happened suddenly that took off the jobs of several people working on the project?

marvel heroes wallpaper by squiddytron d60uind Marvel Heroes isnt a reality anymore! No refunds expected!

Did It Shut Down For Good?

The decision was made earlier and the Marvel Heroes was going to close down in late December. But Gazillion Studios didn’t even have the money to take it that long and just before the Thanksgiving, all this fiasco happened! Cold Turkey! Here’s what the game’s Twitter account had to say:

What’s The Current Status?

Talking about the current situation, all forums that are related to Marvel Heroes including the website, Steam page, forums and Xbox/PSN pages have been taken down. While this is a bad news for the employees, the fans and those who submitted the money in advance, are going to be disappointed too, because this blackout by the company is entirely mysterious. So, a big no for those who are expecting any kind of refunds! No more Marvel Heroes!

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