Major Specifications Of Xbox Scorpio Bieng Leaked-Powerful Console Ever Built


Project Scorpio of Xbox One was a mystery having new hardware changes which  is being launched in the end of the year, is not much mysteries now.

Microsoft’s forthcoming 4K Xbox One revision named as Scorpio have been leaked, Some rumors regarding Hardware  have been confirmed but new details are yet unknown. This leak was the  courtesy of Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry on the console as in the from of white paper. According to this leak revealed by the paper is that the Scorpio will ditch the ESRAM which is currently ongoing iteration of Xbox One.

“To achieve performance on both Xbox One and Xbox One S, ESRAM  remains essential,” according the white paper.”ESRAM is not provided in Project Scorpio and PC. Because it is forbidden for developers to ship a project Scorpio-only SKU. New 32 MB’s of super memory  is now integrated with new Xbox One’s processor. It is critical to optimize the ESRAM for the performance on Microsoft’s platforms.”

Second thing in the leak reveals that the console’s GPU architecture will be modern as AMD Polaris and it is confirmed that oft-mentioned 6TFLOP capabilities.

“In the white paper there were other clues regarding Scorpio’s final Hardware set-up.” which is explained by the Foundry’s Richard. “GPU having six teraflop is confirmed again having 4.5 times GPU compute power better then Xbox One and it is also confirmed that it has  Four time’s  more L2 cache. These new details doesn’t tell us much about the Scorpio except the GPU Architecture is good and modern  as AMD Polaris. Based on the discussions with Mark Cerny  on Play Station 4 Pro, It can be assumed that the Microsoft can also customize its GPU core as we know that Sony did it also, with the access to the Radeon Road Map feature up to- and might be beyond AMD’s upcoming  Vega Architecture. Microsoft let it go rather then to confirm that in GPU feature set Delta Colour Compression (DCC) is also included, as it is included in PS4 Pro.”


Focus of the white paper is mainly on developers that how they can utilize the Scorpio’s revised hardware, as by the speculations the main point is that it is possible that the power of the Console’s CPU and rumors also tell that it will contain he AMD Zen Processor.”

According to our acknowledgments, developers may not wish to spend GPU additional resources on Resolution of Project Scorpio,” the paper reads. ” As to get the best results of game possible Developers spend there GPU resources on the quality improvements like reflections, texture filtering, higher fidelity shadows and lower draw distances. It is also possible that developers might consider is frame-rate up-scaling – running graphics at 60Hz but the CPU at 30Hz and interpolating animation,” as the paper say.

But Developers have to optimize the games with new Scorpio and  Current Xbox One. Because in Current Xbox ESRAM is essential which will be deprecated in New Xbox Scorpio.

It is now to be expected that Xbox One Scorpio will be released during the Holiday period of 2017.

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