The main reason behind the Resigns of Uber CEO MR.Kalanick:

This article is the main reason behind the Resigns of Uber CEO MR.Kalanick. As we know that the previous CEO of the Uber was Travis Kalanick and then he resigns from the CEO post of the Uber so there is a lot of issues behind the Resign of Travis Kalanick. On 23 of June 2017, Travis Kalanick resigns from the Uber according to the report the board director forced to resign Travis Kalanick from the CEO post after the encountering sedition from investors but Travis Kalanick is still on the Board of director of the Uber.


Travis Kalanick joins Uber in 2009. After that Travis Kalanick he makes some changes and after a hard work, he made Uber global juggernaut today. So the main reason behind the resign of Travis Kalanick is there is a lot of criticism due to ignorance of corporate and some other issues and sexual harassment cases at Uber.  After that uber fired more than 20 people from the important positions like the Chief Finance Officer and Chief Operating Officer.