Look out people! Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) has now latest 4G System that can trace Mobile calls over Sindh


The multi-million rupee 4G mobile locator system is now officially handed over to Sindh Police by intelligence agencies.

Police Executives said that the Counter-Terrorism Department CTD had been picked by the big shots to run the framework as the office took care of the most intolerable wrongdoings carried out by solidified offenders and activists.
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A police official said, “Actually, the Sindh police have procured two 4G cell phone call tracers, which have been given over to the Counter-Terrorism Department for use in Sindh. The police have been utilizing the innovation for over two years yet the most recent one is a cutting edge [device] to locate cell phones.”

Sindh police had procuredtwo collections of the framework back in 2013 and at first the Special Branch was advised to run it, which likewise encouraged and helped many of cases by different arms of the office, said the official. Authorities said that those past sets were equipped for meeting prerequisites of 2G and 3G cell phones.

“CTD authorities have underwent instruction on the utilization of this instrument. At whatever point they get a demand from any unit or area of the law-authorization office, they move with this gear to the obliged area to offer the help.”

He said the utilization of this current device would suppress the reason regularly stretched out by the law-force organizations for its disappointment in specific cases due to absence of such devices and it would likewise improve their performance ability.

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