Here is the list of best Antivirus for Android.


Recently AV-TEST introduced the best antivirus for android including Tencent, Symantec, Sophos, G Data, Cheetah.


Tencent is Chinese most-used service company. It is the fifth largest company in the world. They recently introduced the antivirus software for the Android users and Windows. Tencent also detects the malware virus and the software also fix the issues on Windows.


The AV-TEST also tested the Symantec antivirus for the Android. According to the AV-TEST, the antivirus block any malware. They also mention that with this antivirus is not slow down your Android device. You can also host the antivirus in the cloud with the Symantec software.




The best Sophos Antivirus software tested by the AV-TEST. According to the AV-TEST, the software is much better than the other antivirus software. But it is not always good because if you trying to block any malware, it will steal your information and corrupt your business files.


G DATA gets the most decent marks from all the test labs. G DATA Antivirus software offers the best features including, antivirus, a firewall, parental controls, and a spam filter. With this G DATA Antivirus software to keep your business files and other data safes.


AV-TEST the Cheetah antivirus for Android. According to the AV-TEST, the software protects from the malware and it scores same from the competitors. The Cheetah Software less than 1GB memory. They also mentioned that the software is one of the fastest malware scanner as compared to the other antiviruses.


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