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The LG G5 is came to market a year before and according to its better success that device achieved. LG is doing its best all the time and now coming up with a new brand phone LG G6. Since the LG is launched LG is doing the job of best competitive to the other big companies like HTC Apple and samsung and now coming up with LG G6 to be the best phone company in the market of 2017.

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LG G6 Launching Date and Price

The expected launch date will come soon because LG is looking to launch new G6 in a date with other big competitive company like samsung Galaxy S8 and expecting launching in a 2nd quarter of year 2017 and LG is expected to be around same date.


Also LG is introducing many other technology with G6 like eye sensor, water proof, and other health related sensors in it. As we expecting all phone should give healthier life style similarly G6 is coming with better health care technology.

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LG G6 Specs

Soon rumors on a new LG G6 has a bigger display. some camera specs you will see. The Display is 5.6 with a new screen 4k technology supporting the resolution of 4096 x 2160. Which most of the mobile makers says that would be enough for the smartphones.

The 4K display will be shown-up by the octa-core processor that is totally to be clocked at 3.0 GHz. The blazing fast Qualcomm processor will introduce with multi-tasking, productivity, and have a handset to run much cooler, especially when it features the 5 GB RAM.

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Specification                                                   LG G6 Specs

Display                                                                   4200 mAh

Camera features                                                    3D front and back camera element, auto laser focus

Front camera 7.0 Megapixels

Back camera 24 Megapixels

colours                                                                     Black, Blue, Copper, Gold, White

Processor                                                                 Snapdragon Qualcomm Octa-core 3.0 GHz processor

RAM                                                                         5 GB RAM



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