Lawsuit has been filled by Farhan Mahmood Shah against the American Airline.


A Lawsuit has been filled by Farhan Mahmood Shah against the American Airline. The co-workers of Airline called him Terrorist and the Taliban.

Farhan Mahmood Shah living in the Edison, New Jersey. He filled a lawsuit against the American Airline because the co-workers of American Airline called him Taliban and Terrorist. After the complained filed by Farhan Mahmood, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents came and visited his home. 

Farhan Mahmood Shah started working at American Airlines as a flight attendant in 1999. He called a terrorist and a part of Taliban. The American Airline failed to stop the harassment. Mr Farhan Mahmood targeted for the religious after the incident of 9/11 attacks.

The American Airline’s spokesperson, Mr Matt Miller said that the company reviewed his complaint and also added that American does not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

Mr Farhan also said that the another flight attendant tried to convert his religion to Christianity. According to the previous conversation, the conversation between Mr shah and his co-workers, they discussed 9/11, during the conversation one of the workers said that, It was the Muslims and that Muslims are evil.

In early 2017, he received the Sue letter from the Commission to remains that he is still in the Airline’s staff. The less than 2 weeks, the agents of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) showed up again and asking for him.

Mr. Farhan’s lawsuit names American Airlines and is seeking damages, attorney fees, and other charges.


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