Largest processor makers ‘Intel’ closed its business in Pakistan.


Intel Corporation company, world’s largest processor and chip company winding up its business in Pakistan.

The company closed its office in Pakistan, because of global business strategy. Intel Corporation company focus on more lucrative markets and they winding its offices in Pakistan. The company focus on profitable markets.

The CEO of Intel Corporation Brian Krzanich said that,

Transform our company from a PC company to a company that powers the cloud and billions of smart, connected computing devices.

Intel Corporation company focus on Cloud Computing more than hardware parts. The company laid of its employees from the company. Just a few employees shifted to the other countries offices. The head office of Intel in Karachi, head office and all other offices close in different cities in Pakistan.
The company also focus on fifth generation wireless communication service and moving towards new horizons. In 1997, Intel Corporation start a business in Pakistan. Intel is the largest chip/processor maker in the world. The company manufacturer in Pakistan, Laptops, desktops, Chromebook, pcs, tablets, smartphones,  server products, board and kits, wearables, solid-state devices and much more.

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