Kingston Introduces the World’s Largest USB Flash- Drive


This year, the USB flash-drive manufacturer giant, Kingston Digital,  is about to introduce the biggest USB flash- drive. It will possess an immense capacity to store high amount of data at a time.

There is a very good chance that the DataTraveler Ultimate GT offers more storage space in a gum stick-sized form than your laptop does in its entire hard drive.

It is going to be a best facility that DataTraveler Ultimate GT presents huge capacity in just a gum stick sized object even your laptop is unable to do so.

This flash drive is a USB 3.o, and t will have 2 TB storage capacity in it. It will also have a USB type- A connector but it will not have USB type- C. This newly introduced USB is covered by a Zinc -alloy metal for protection.

Beside  2 TB Data Traveler Ultimate GT, there is also  a A smaller 1 TB sibling. There is a 5 year manufacture warranty for both drives.

In February both drives are about to spread all over the world with their best storing capacities. Though their actual price has not been fixed so far but we can guess them of having $1,000.



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Zahra Zar


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