Karandaaz & Planet N Hosted Workshop To Help The Startups Of Pakistan


Karandaaz Pakistan and Planet N Group of Companies recently came in partnership with each other with the main goal to connect with entrepreneurs and share each other views as well as promoting them which is beneficial for both sides, they did this by hosting a workshop known as the “Challenges in the Startup Eco-system in Pakistan” in Lahore Institute Of Management Sciences”

The Workshop was given the main goal of Helping young Entrepreneurs with their Startups in Pakistan because of the tough competition of Pakistan Various Techniques are required to get up to the level required and create a Startup Eco-system.

Throughout the whole workshop, the participants are put upon different challenges that a startup faces during starting and are given the solution to that challenge. Various other things are discussed e.g: Curriculum & Awareness, Companies Laws, Roles of incubators and Accelerators and Exits & IPOs, groups were formed for this task. This Workshop shows us the importance that the Entrepreneurs of Pakistan.

the workshop also included Presentations on different reports e.g: “Seeding Innovation Landscape: A Framework for Rooting FinTechs in Pakistan” which is a report by Karandaaz which shows the Various opportunities within FinTech’s eco system and the Future of financing digitally in pakistan.

Mr. Nadeem Hussain who is the founder of Coach Planet N Group also talked about the Importance of Entrepreneurs in pakistan and help them with starting up:

Active collaboration and engagement between startups and eco-system enablers, such as incubators, accelerators and policymakers, is critical in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by aspiring and existing entrepreneurs and developing creative solutions

The event was also attended by many specials guests including public and Government representatives.

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Sufyan Khan


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