Karachi’s Only Food Lab Has Out-Dated and the Lab Equipments are Expired


The food we consume on daily base is of good importance and it should be pure and healthy enough to energize our body. it should be keep in mind bore using any food we should assure weather it contains harmless ingredients or not. Inability to do so may lead our body  towards suffering from various severe diseases that are some time incurable and eventually cause death.

Do you think that the food you take from any restaurant or shop is good for you or not? is something hazardous found inside the food you eat? if you don’t know such helpful tactics then do not worry because KMC (karachi Metropolitan Corporation) has a food lab to rectify and assure food quality.

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This food lab is responsible for checking 105 food items like cooking oil, pickles, bakery items, chocolates, mineral water, packed milk, biscuits and mirch masala etc.

There are 12 food inspectors to check mechanism who are responsible to collect three samples of each food item and after checking the sample to send the report to the Senior Director Food.


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Since last 10 years we have not seeing any functionality of karachi’s food Lab to offer its good service to keep people away from various diseases.

Authorities on the other hand also not supporting in this regard to fulfill public’s health related demands.

Javaid-ur-Rehman, who is the senior director of food lab told, 

“the lab now is outmoded and the lab equipment are expired, as no any performance since its establishment has been seen except of testing distilled water and iodine.”

in spite of receiving 600 samples every month, the lab is fail to check any single sample so far.



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Zahra Zar


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