Karachi’s citizens are Taking Fight Against Water Tanker Mafia to the Roads


In Pakistan , a common man is facing very serious problems due to water shortage .Due to water problem in Pakistan ,everyone except water tanker mafia are facing problems.In this situation ,there’s benefit for water tanker mafia . They make large amount in this type of situations.

Reporter suggest that Pakistan will dry by 2025. Everyone is wondering on how to save water for future use.

The water tanker mafias are charging at their will and the authorities are not checking them.Citizens of Rawalpindi pay hiked prices ( Rs.1200-1500) for water tank .The authorities have failed to meet water needs of the citizens which give chance to mafia to charge at there will .

The situation is very difficult to pay hiked prices for water.It is requested to government authorities to take a strict action against the water tanker mafia ,to charge reasonable amount for a water tanker.

You can see in the video that how people of Karachi are emptying water tankers on the main road in a bid to protest their exploitation at the hand of other tanker mafia.


This is not a good way to protest ,especially when our country is facing a big problem of water shortage. This is not a good way to waste this precious resource on the road.The way of protesting against water tanker mafia needs to be reevaluated .

Recently ,the chief justice of Pakistan ,Saqib Nisar promised Karachi citizens to get rid them of the tanker mafias during the case related to the water crisis  in Supreme court.

The Government also needs to regulate prices and take a strict action against such groups.

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Arooj Fatima


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