Jovago Report 2017: 61 percent Pakistani people to search hotels in Pakistan.


Jovago Pakistan revealed 2017 reports, they mentioned that 61 percent Pakistani people search for hotels.

CEO Nadine Malik said that,

The findings are compiled from data gathered from the 2000 plus Pakistani hotels partnering with Jovago, showing not only an increase in the absorption of technology in the sector but also remarkable growth in domestic travel spending.

The report also showed that 61 percent Pakistani research from the mobile phones for hotels and 39 percent Pakistani people can search from the computer. But the actual bookings of 63 percent people can book from the computers and 37 percent book from their smartphones. There are 80 percents of men visiting the website and 20 percent women visiting the website.

According to the report, 36 percent people can bookings for 3-star hotels, 32 percent peoples for 2-star, and 20 percent people for 4-star hotels, 10 percent for 1-star hotels percent for 5-star hotels.

The Managing Director of Jovago Pakistan, Tina Wang stated that,

Through the last 2 years we have developed a unique solution for hotel managers to gain online visibility and have empowered them to manage all the bookings through the Extra-Net App. By virtue of joining our platform, this enables them to not just get the bookings but also headlined with automation in the industry.

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