Journalists Have been prohibitted from Recording National Assembly Proceedings


Sardar Ayaz Sadiq , the Speaker for the National Assembly, has prohibited all journalist to record various happenings inside the  National Assembly. This prohibition was meant to avoid serious remarks by the audience after seeing such stupid actions of National Assembly members over minor talks.


Some video clips were leaked on social media and were categorized as the most cheapest ones. people were unable to believe upon what stupid sort of doing have been shown in these videos.

The journalist very often do the same tasks again and again even if they don’t get any video clip they record the talks to circulate via social media.

Now the funniest thing is that the Speakers are now making laws for their own security purpose, as the speaker of the National Assembly has done through prohibiting mobile use in National Assembly.


The Speaker National Assembly told the authorities to have a quick notice against those journalists who have done these illegal job.

What is the actual reason behind the ban on journalists to record National assembly occurring?, it seems that National assembly in order to hide Assembly fights put such sanctions on journalists.



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Zahra Zar


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