Jazz strengthen The Franchises Networks after merging With Warid


The merge of Jazz and Warid now provide combine franchise services and will be shutting down over 200 franchise offices of both networks.

Mobilink Director of Communications  Anjum Rahman says the total number of permanent employees as about 4000 of both franchises and no none of jazz employee have lost his job from the closing of franchise offices.

About 51 million users of Jazz and Warid will be able to get combine services all over Pakistan.
Warid users were already given the facility of using jazz load and scratch card for their sims . Now Warid users can go to any office of the 400 combine for any sort of query regarding Mobilink jazz or Warid.

Statement have been release to press from the CEO of Jazz saying :
“All franchises are now functional as combined franchises of both the brands. It means to be more efficient, swift and digitally savvy in business terms. This step will prominently increase an access to Jazz franchises across the country, especially facilitating remote areas” .

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Sajid Hussain


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