Jazz MBB: Jazz increasing the prices of 3G/4G packages, 2,000 to 2,500 monthly charges.

Jazz introduced new prices, they increasing their mobile broadband 3G 4G packages. They charged Rs 2,000 on 50 GB per month, now they will charged 2500 on 50GB per month.

source: sekho

The prices applied from 23rd February, 2017. According to the Jazz network,  ‘Monthly Internet Heavy’ package has been revised. Prices remain the same for regular 3G 4G packages or for all other MBB. Few weeks ago, Zong also increased its prices of MBB monthly packages. They expected that other networks could follow their footsteps. All the companies of network excited about, how Pakistani users are shifting to MBB devices.

source: asia

People just moved to hig-speed wireless internet service. Jazz, Zong offered MBB devices at low prices. People can use fastest internet speed in affordable prices. But now they increased their prices. They also improved their internet speed. Large number of people can use this service to avoid from low speed internet.

Mobile phone companies want to provide sufficient internet speed for their customers on MBB devices.


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