Jay Y. Lee Samsung Group Leader appeared for the questioning on Monday at South Korean.


Jay Y. Lee Samsung Group Leader appeared for the Scandal questioning at South Korean on Monday. Jay Y. Lee won 43 billion ($37.31 million) from business and organisation. They are the focus on South Korean largest conglomerate. Choi Soon-Sil is the friend of Lee suggests in exchange 2 Samsung companies for 2015.

source: ABS-CBN

Choi Soon-Sil arrested in Denmark, South Koran authorities trying to solve the case. They are funding sponsor for the career of Sil’s daughter. She is under arrest in Denmark Country.

Samsung Group, Park Geun-Hye,  Jay Y. Lee, Choi Soon-Sil, they all are included in accusations. According to the Analysts, they said that the dealing held between Park and Samsung group and the Park include in the special case of accusations.

source: The Business Times

Park was accused in December by Parliment and the court of South Korea decide will decide to make his decision in this case. Park Geun-hype has been escaped from all powers. On early Monday, Jay Y. Lee arrived on Monday at Prosecution office with his Lawyer. He is in Black Sedan and dressed in Dark Blue Suit and Tie.

Third Generation leader of South Korea’s said before entering in elevators ‘I will once again tell the truth to the special prosecution’ and do no giving any pieces of information about the case. Outside the protestors, they are just calling loudly for his arrest.

source: Channel NewsAsia

The officer of Korean Equestrian, they are questioned about the previous case. Park Sang-Jin when she arrived at Prosecution Office she did not respond to any reporters about the case.

Bae Sung-young said at Hyundai Securities, The issue will have limited impact on share prices, except if the worst-case scenario happens, since political issues previously did not have a big influence on share prices or earnings.

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