Japanese Businessman and Founder of Namco Masaya Nakamura Passed Away at the age of 91.


Japanese businessman Masaya Nakamura, he passes away at the age of 91. Masaya Nakamura founder of one of the largest video game company Namco. He is the founder of Namco. He founded and manufacturing the Namco Company. This company created stores in 1955.

Masaya Nakamura passed away on the 22nd of January at the age of 91

Masaya Nakamura, after the launch Namco Video game went one of the popular video game in the world.

Masaya Nakamura also known as the father of Pacman. It is the most entertainment game all the time. Pacman is the 37 years old video game but still most entertaining game. Pacman, The first launched by Namco in May 1980 and become a favourite video soon after.

In 1990, the game had become the one of the highest ranking video game in the world and generating $2.5 billion in quarters.

Masaya Nakamura, in 2007  her awarded by Japanese Government of the rising of sun.  Everyone can play this game online in browser by googling “Pac-Man”. His death because of his private affairs the announcement was withheld from public.


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