Japan Telecom Giant: Soft Bank lost $350 million on Indian Investments.


Soft Bank invested $210 million on Cab-hailing firm Ola and $697 million on E-commerce company Snapdeal. Soft Bank invested on both companies and lost $350 million on its investment in India.

source: Forbes

According to the Soft bank stated that.

Gain or loss arising from financial instruments at FVTPL comprises mainly of changes in fair value of preferred stock investment including embedded derivatives, such as ANI Technologies and Jasper Infotech in India, designated as financial assets at FVTPL (Fair Value Through Profit or Loss)

source: recruit.softbank.jp

Last month Soft Bank facing $350 million loss from indian companies. Last month loss is less than november month loss. Last year, they faced $560 millions in september from same investment. Softbank announced his plans of investment two years ago and invest $10 billion in India. They are invested $2 billion in internet projects and solar energy in the country.

source: Express

They said that the largest investment including in Snapdeal and Ola. They have complete record about these companies. SoftBank remains deeply committed to its portfolio in India and elsewhere in the world

SoftBank performin amazing and getting much more profit during April to December 2016. They are recorded $7.6 billion income. They are also impressed high-quality investors just like Apple, Oracle founder Larry Ellison. and Qualcomm

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