In dog parks, lots of dog owners bring treats for their pets. Since after a nice run, our great boys and girls deserve a reward and an energy boost.

When doing so, however, it’s important to keep in mind other dogs and their owners because some dogs could end up being possessive or protective of their treats. Giving goodies to dogs in front of other dogs should be avoided because this could result in undesirable behavior or even fighting.

And today, we have one of those tales. The OP observed their dog sitting in front of an unfamiliar lady while they were visiting a dog park. It was getting treats from her. So when the lady’s dog attempted to approach the treat bag, the OP’s dog would push it away due to its aggressive nature. Therefore, OP went there. When the OP brought their dog, the woman advised them to keep an eye on it. She shouldn’t bring snacks to the park because there is a “No Food” sign, the OP advised.

The woman lost her mind and started shouting that no one could stop her from bringing treats for her dog. Everyone is doing it, and besides. Not dog food, but human food is indicated on the placard.
The conflict resulted from this issue because both sides thought they were correct. Keep on scrolling down below to dive deeper into this case, and make sure to read it till the end.

1. Here goes the title

 2. She had a waist pouch full of dog treats, while the treats are banned at this dog park.

3. Even though there was a huge sign at the gate of the park “no food inside” she still decided to bring the food anyways

4. You know the drill guys, be wise and let us know who’s the A-hole here.

5. The following justification was provided by OP as to why they believe they might be the asshole:

7. But that sign refers to no human food

8. Well, a simple brief apology would have been a wiser option.

10. There are no such dog parks where “dog treats” are not allowed

11. This man got a point to be noted

12. Thank god things didn’t go nasty!

Seeing the votes and considering the situation we have to sadly say yes OP was an A-hole for this situation but OP interpreted the sign as there was no dog allowed. On the other hand, that lady also didn’t handle things as smoothly as they could have been handled. But it was OP’s mistake to not look after his dog, and that is the reason it went to that lady to have some treats.

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