Iphone 7 is the best smartphone selling and have 22.7% share in European markets


iPhone 7 is the top smartphone seller and have 22.7% Share in the European market. People like to buy android and iOS smartphones nowadays.

According to the other smartphone companies, Oppo and Viva are also grow their company and launch best smartphones. But iPhone and Samsung is still at the top smartphone seller in the markets. According to the ranking, iPhone’s smartphone sale is increasing in many markets.

Kantar Worldpanel reveals the report of smartphone selling, they said that iPhone achieved the continued growth of smartphone selling. iPhone 7 was the smartphone seller and have 22.7 percent share in the eaurope market. Kantar Worldpanel also added that iOS smartphone sale share for three months in China dropped by 8.4 percent YoY. Three- months ended in January.

Kantar Worldpanel report said, Android and iOS only two companies still growth their smartphones in the world. Blackberry os, window mobile phones, Symbian smartphone companies losing their grip in the world.

Director for Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, Lauren Guenveur said,

February’s Mobile World Congress 2017 demonstrated the true state of the market, with re-emerging brand names Nokia and Blackberry capturing a lot of attention, but now operating on Android rather than on their own legacy operating systems

Kantar Worldpanel revealed the report, Huawei is the top smartphone seller in Asia. They sell their smartphones quarter of overall smartphones. Huawei company lead the Apple smartphone company in Asian countries with 16.6 percent and 14.5 percent of shares. Oppo and Vivo smartphone companies also rising their company with many new smartphones.

On Wednesday, Kantar said in report,

Whereas Android further strengthened its position in China, recording a year-over-year share surge of 9.3 percent to reach 83.2 percent for the three months ending January, while iOS had an 8.4 percent decline.

Nokia has also launched its android smartphone, Nokia 6 android version mobile phone could do well in Western Europe markets.

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