Here comes the “secret messages” option in Viber, The message will automatically disappear after viewing


Here comes the “secret messages” option in Viber, The message will automatically disappear after viewing:

The self-destructing messages have been introduced by Viber, which vanish consequently after a set time. Presently, Viber is giving its clients the capacity to choose which conversation, photographs and recordings remain in the archive and which to be erased from beneficiary’s phone. This element is a ton of transient stories of Snapchat and Instagram, which are soon going to be propelled on Facebook also.

Messaging applications have turned out to be prevalent throughout the years and now a greater amount of them are putting forth end-to-end encryption to the clients with the goal that they have more control over their conversations. WhatsApp likewise propelled this administration a year ago.

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The blog peruses that, “Make your conversations more important by picking what stays and what goes. secret messages give you the capacity to choose when the photographs and recordings you send will vanish from your conversation and, in doing as such, let you choose what ought to and shouldn’t be a perpetual piece of your conversation history.

A few things are intended to be seen once and afterward never again. When you send a secret message, it can be seen precisely one time and, perhaps more vitally, it can’t appear to any other individual subsequently.”

Image Source: techjuice

In the event that you need to send a secret message so take a photo or video utilizing the Viber camera or select from your gallery.Set a period to restrain 1, 3, 7, or 10 seconds and hit send.Once the receiver has opened the media, the secret message will be visible for the set length and after that, it will vanish, without a trace. But in the sender’s end, a trace is deserted as a sign of when it was sent.

This element does not influence other chats and conversations in any capacity. Just the media and messages with set time are lost after time is over, thus leaving no trace.

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