Internet Exchange Point is Lauded first time In Pakistan



Pakistan long- delayed Internet Exchange Point is annaugurated at Islamabad on January 27, 2017 by the IT Minister in a ICT history.

the whole internet traffic is going outside from the country to routed to its destinations. May be the destination is in the same room in a same origin so for keeping the local internet secure and keep it locally the IXP help the Cost saving and give high quality.

PTA will take exact measurements and encourage establishment of local peering of exchange point of IP traffic within the Pakistan.

image source: Internet Exchange Point

The First Internet Exchange Point At HEC

Like global player Google is giving their services to all countries similarly IXP is planned for many locations in the country.

Pakistan Telecommunications Authority and Education commission needs to be proposed for this effort.

Cable may use in finer optic are very common but design may be like different way so user can’t figure it out so can secure it that way.


CPEC may be the opportunity to address it but the Government CPEC website only shows the fibre optic tool from Khunjerab to Rawalpindi.

So these days no highway may built without the ducts for the optic fibre and that way increase the cost of highway but save 80% of cost of laying new fibre optic in the ducts.

The expert solution of this problem is ti instal a new independent fibre link  from Peshawar to new station of Gawadar.

The new proposal of western corridor of CPEC which pass through khyber-pukhtunkhowa and Balochistan joinning Peshawar Quetta and Gawadar. Most of the proposal are comming but  this will surely be with more than 1 private sector.




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