The Internet bandwidth of pakistan goes upto 40 Tbps


The Internet bandwidth of Pakistan goes up to 40 Tbps:

This article about the Internet bandwidth of Pakistan which is going up to 40 Tbps. There is a good news for the internet user of this Pakistan because Pakistan got the new submarine cable connection. This new submarine cable connection will provide the 40 Terabits per second this new submarine cable connection is connected across the 5 fiber pairs as AAE-1 its mean that Asia, Africa, and Europe-1.

Fastest Internet Service:

As we all know that in 2010 there was no fastest internet service in Pakistan but now the internet bandwidth of the Pakistan has been increased to 40Tbps. on the other side if we talk about the AAE-1 cable connection so this is actually 25,000 Km consortium cable system, in this cable connection, East Asia is connected with the Europe.

AAE-1 cable system:

This AAE-1 cable system is one of the largest submarine cable systems. This cable system was completed in 15 this cable system of AAE-1 connects the Malaysia and Singapore with the Cambodia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam and then Myanmar, India, Egypt, Greece, Italy, UAE, Qatar, Yemen, Oman, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, and France.

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