intel Inrtoduces Its Groundbreaking Intel Core I7 VPro Processor In CES 2017


during the CES 2017 many Technological innovations were introduced to the audience and most of them were quite good but some were just Mindblowing! and intel’s announcement was one of them.

Watch the keynote below:


During their keynote, they told their audience about their latest 7th Generation Core VPro which will increase the computer’s performance to mind-blowing! heights improving on multitasking as well as improved battery life for average consumers. This core will be for laptops as well as PC.

Two series are launched, one is the H-series while the other is the S-series. The H-series is focused on powering and running Laptops while the S-series is focused more around Desktop PC’s.

According to Intel Their S-series I7-7700K CPU will be about 30% faster than the I7-4770K but that is not the main idea behind it; it will be able to smoothly run 4K 360 degree videos almost 70% faster than the I7-4700HQ.

According to Intel, these chips will support up to 8 Giga-transfers per second, which is insanely fast.

The specs for the S-series are given below:








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