Instagram testing a major change – Post Multiple Photos at Once in new version of Instagram 10.7.0.


Instagram introduce the new version, Instagram is testing a major change in his new version 10.7.0. You can post multiple of photos at once in the new version. Basically, this version is available for Business and advertisers.


These are the Carousel Ads, users can see the additional photos. Instagram allows one photo at a time but after the new version, you can share multiples of photos at once. According to the Droid, they are reported that users will be select 10 photos at once. You can also create the albums on the timeline and upload multiple photos on the album.

source: TechCrunch

Users can select different filters for the album. Users can neither skip pictures if they don’t want to see. Instagram has not introduced officially. This feature is currently for just a few members and being tested.

source: Instagram Blog

Instagram is a most popular social network and photo-sharing application. Instagram users can share photos, videos, messages, stories etc. Instagram in 2016 live videos and new stories. Instagram is another tool for marketers and advertisers.


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