Instagram: Now you can Removed private Messages from both sides on Instagram.


Instagram is the social network and photo sharing network. This social network launched in 2010 and got $1 billion from the Facebook social network in 2012. There are millions of daily users can active on Instagram. Instagram is just like Snapchat and giving some serious competition with SnapChat. They have also launched live videos sharing and Insta Stories in 2016. People can share a lot or photos daily to friends and family.

People can share photos and videos with any persons and conversations with friends. Now people can delete/remove the personal message from both sides. Users can share photo or videos directly in private messages.

source: Guiding Tech

This arrow above in the picture, you can share a photo or a video directly message to any person add on your list. In the most social media you can not remove the message from both sides but on Instagram users can remove from both sides. There is an option in Private message of Un-send you can click there and remove the message.

source: Cosmopolitan

Simply just press and hold on the personal any message they will appear options on Instagram ‘Copy’ or ‘Unsend’ just click and select the ‘un-send’ option you can remove the message forever.

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